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Aikido has evolved from its founder Morihei Ueshiba (born 1883) through the different students and schools to create some subtly different forms. One of Ueshiba's greatest students, Koichi Tohei, was fascinated by the impact of the mind on the body and developed this theme into ‘Ki Aikido’. This is being developed today by one of Tohei’s devoted students, Kenjiro Yoshigasaki. Yoshigasaki Sensei founded the Ki No Kenkyukai Association Internationale of which the British Ki Society is a member. Highland Ki Aikido Society trains under the auspicies of the British Ki Society.

Why this Site?

As Aikido has developed under different sensei and governing bodies, so too has the language and terminology evolved. The variations and differences in the phonetic translation from the original Japanese has given rise to different English spellings for some Aikido words and actions. To help me better understand the practice, since late 2013 I have attended Aikido seminars with Sensei Yoshigsaki and others. This site represents my knowledge today and as I learn more about this fascinating practice, I will update this site. I hope the information here finds a wide audience and proves helpful.
Ki2Aikido - a Beginner’s Guide

Is it for You?

Ki Aikido is a spiritual martial art; transforming it from the traditional aggressive, fighting martial art to an art that seeks to avoid conflict. In real life, we cannot go about hurting other people; Ki Aikido aims for self- defence without causing injury. There are no tournaments or competitions. Ki Aikido does not rely on bodily strength but rather on the unification of mind and body. Therefore Ki Aikido is beneficial and more suited to a wider audience, regardless of age, physical stature or gender. Most importantly, the Ki Aikido philosophies and practices concentrate on self-development and can be applied beneficially to every-day life. This philosophy appealed to me so this is the path I followed.

Morihei Ueshiba

Koichi Tohei

Kenjiro Yoshigasaki

About Ki Aikido

This site is aimed primarily at beginners of Ki Aikido practising Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido under the British Ki Society